St. Patricks Day- Special Post from our Leprechaun

The Leprechaun that visits our house is called Stinky McNugget. Seriously, the auto generator came back with Stinky McNugget! How perfect for this post! This is what Stinky McNugget left for me this morning! Next time maybe he will leave his shoes on while using the toilet and flush! No Pot O' Gold left for me!

Rob the jewelry store and tell 'em make me a...Goldtoilet?

Could this be Nelly's toilet that matches his gold Grillz? Maybe Donald Trump's toilet? Maybe some international evil villain like Gold Finger or Dr. Evil's toilet. Actually, it is Hang Fung Gold Technology's showroom in Hong Kong, China and they have the Midas touch when it comes to toilets. Be careful what you touch when going to the bathroom though!

Hong Kong, China

Don't Mind the Door Behind the Toilet

Personally, I am a bit concerned as to what is hiding behind that door as you do your business. Alex, I'll take creepy doors behind toilets for $1000 please. What is an evil Leprechaun that will jump out and try to take your pot of gold while you sit on this toilet!

Dublin, Ireland

Highest Porta Potty in Hawaii

This toilet comes to you from Mauna Kea, Hawaii where it is the highest Porta Potty around 13,796 ft above sea level. The snow and wind can get pretty extreme even in Hawaii at this altitude and you can see that the toilet is strapped down. I would hate to be doing business and a big gust of wind comes along and blows the toilet down the mountain! Hold on!

Mauna Kea, Hawaii

I don't know what you've been told but Military toilets are pretty cold

Who has latrine duty tonight? This toilet lets you tete-a-tete next to your most favorite person. Strange but efficient I guess.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Trough and Wash?

There are many types of toilets around the world. One of the most interesting we find is the trough that can be found throughout Asia. One thing that American's (and probably Europeans) do not understand is that this requires a certain amount of squating. Now, add in your average overweight American and try to squat for more than 30 seconds. This could be an event on The Biggest Loser reality TV show! It is a good thing there is a hose there to wash you down after you collapse.

Singapore, Singapore

Shewee? Really? Ok I can't think of a better name.

That's right they named this women's urinating device the "Shewee". We at Tip Top Toilet are not exactly sure of how this thing works but we do know that it is best we probably do not find out. If you look close there is an "extension pipe". That alone should scare off just about everyone and their marketing tagline of "for when you just have to go" probably should be "for when you just have to go and there is absolutely no other way in the world that is an option other than this thing".

Any takers to try it out?

Open Up and Say AWWWWW in Amsterdam

This may not be a surprise to you that this urinal was found in the men's bathroom at a restaurant in the city that is known for its Red Light District; Amsterdam. Tip Top Toilet needs to sell these in the US!

Who will have the most witty comment on this one?

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Reminder to Submit Photos

The ability of to bring you toilets from all over the world rests partially on your submissions of toilet related photos. Please use the Submit link at the top of the website to submit your photos. Fill out the form, upload your image, and click submit. It is as easy as that.

In Case of Fire, Use Provided Bucket

This is somewhat of an unassuming toilet but notice the bucket above it. Is this just in case the toilet goes up in flames or you had hot BBQ wings last night?


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